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Rome by Segway

The best Segway tours in Rome, our Rome by Segway tours have accumulated over 2000+ 5 star reviews on TripAdvisor. We offer a selection of 6 Rome Segway tours, ranging from itineraries by night to Ancient Rome.

GoSeek Adventures

Want to do something a little out of the ordinary on your trip? Try GoSeek Adventures.


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Get Your Guide

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GoGo Tours Paris

Celebrate your love for Segway tours in the city of love! Our buddies at GoGo Tours in Paris have a great selection of private Segway tours at group tour prices.


Live the spanish spirit with Segway Trip, a Madrid based company, organizing segway tours around the city. You will know the most emblematic places in the city in a fun and comfortable way. Expert guides will show you all the secrets of the city and will teach you how to drive a segway.


Experience a touch of modern fun in the place where Democracy, Philosophy, Theater and Arts were born! Our friends over in Athens will help you explore the city’s rich history.


Walk, bus or boat around Washington, D.C. with DC tours by foot and their vast selection of fun tours of the capitol.


Heading to Vienna, Graz or Warsaw? Love Polaroid cameras? (We do!) You have got to try these “instant” tours that mix iconic polaroids with the iconic sights of these cities.


Discover the history of the most liberal city in the world with the best rated Free Walking Tour in Amsterdam!


Because you did not come to Prague to lose weight, did you? Experience the culinary delights of the “Paris of the East” on Taste of Prague food tours.